Serenaders Current Covid-19 Policy

     We’re reminded in Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Never have we needed God’s strength more than the days we are currently experiencing.  We need His strength to ENDURE, we need His strength to PERSEVERE, we need His strength to extend GRACE, we need His strength to LOVE when people act unlovingly, we need His strength to HOPE, and we need His strength to ENCOURAGE others. God promises His strength as it is needed, so we can be confident it is OURS TODAY.  What an amazing promise!

     As we think of The Silver Serenaders of Texas, we are encouraged by your amazing ability to claim God’s strength when our strength is gone. Who would have thought in March when we cancelled our rehearsals and concerts that this crisis would still be ongoing as we approach August? Only God knew then, what amazing things He was planning to do in each of our lives during this season. What great opportunities to be still and hear God speak to each of us. What great opportunities to spend time in prayer and meditation. What God did NOT promise is that we would understand


     In addition to our unwavering trust in God, I want to assure you that your Silver Serenader leadership is following the science and depending on experts who know more than we do. Also, we are committed to following the recommended safety guidelines, which currently require masks and social distancing in Dallas County. After consultation with medical professionals and leaders in the choral music industry, it is evident we will not be able to begin rehearsals again August 3, as originally planned. The Texas Choral Director’s Association (TCDA) plans to release updated guidelines for choral rehearsal and concerts this week, and we anxiously await this important report. It will be the template for schools, colleges, and community choirs across Texas to create environments that are safe for singing. As you may be aware, some of the recent research indicates singers become “super spreaders” of the COVID-19 virus as we project our voices and the infectious corona spores necessary for distributing COVID-19. Many TCDA leaders did not agree with the original guidelines for safe singing and decided to conduct additional tests and consult additional science and singing sources.

      Until we can see this research and consider application of the anticipated guidelines, it is necessary that The Silver Serenaders postpone our fall season until we determine how these guidelines can be implemented for our choir. Please be assured we are watching and listening eagerly for the information and lifting of restrictions that will enable us to safely resume our rehearsal and concert season.


     Meanwhile, please continue to stay in contact with each other, pray for one another, and the important decisions currently under consideration. It is our desire to be together as soon as safely possible.


     You’ll be hearing from your section leaders and we hope to soon release some videos where you’ll be able to sing along. I hope you’ll participate, and make the most of technology.


     Several have asked about continuing to pay dues, and you are sure welcome to do that, although we are officially suspending required dues until we are able to meet together again. As you can imagine, many of our expenses continue even though we are not rehearsing. But we also realize income for some choir members has been adversely impacted by the current crisis, and we want to be sensitive to that. So, if you want to continue your financial support of the Silver Serenaders, please mail your check to Karen Sauls. (1021 Bridges Dr. Arlington, Texas 76012} As always, your contribution is greatly appreciated.


     We are really missing our times together, and are claiming His strength to persevere and Stay Strong until we are able to safely meet together again.


Much love and appreciation,

Mary, Chett, Aaron, Loel and Karen